About Us

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Dog History

Almost 35 years ago after graduating from Kansas State University and getting Married we left for Colorado to Ranch for over 25 years.  In the mean time raising a family, raising cattle, horses  and breeding Labradors.   After selling the ranch we began breeding AKC Pointing labs in 2006 but have bred Labs since 1987.  We are switching gears and adding the PWD to our family of dogs ... Portuguese water dog


Research on PWD

Wow what a fun adventure researching the Portuguese Water Dogs.  We were looking for a breed that could handle our life style of outdoors and active.   When I came across an article written I believe from UC Davis that talked about the probability of the PWD is a ancestor of the Labrador through the St John's Water I became very interested in learning because my love of the Labrador.   The PWD is a non shedding medium size breed with great temperaments and intelligent. 

Portuguese Water Dog puppies,   PWD puppies,


We are excited and so glad we picked  PWD based on all the research we did for the breed.  They are everything we read.  Active, fun, smart, LOVE water and probably the best benefit love being with people.  Our new adventure with the PWD has been fun.   We are health testing through Embark that gives something like 170 different health tests all our dogs have been clear of everything.  Some of the health test are required after two.    With both our degrees in Animal Sciences we care deeply for these animals whether it be a cow or our dogs.  We studied a lot of nutrition and reproduction and continue to do our best producing happy healthy fun loving dogs.  We have moved from Colorado to Kansas to help out family members for a while but where we go so do the dogs.   All the Porties hang out together and run and play all day in or out.  We pack our dogs together in their own doggie day care. We are cage free and loves to watch them play on our 40 acres.  We love the Portuguese Water Dogs.